Military Photographer

Military Photographer | Homecoming and Family Photographer

As a proud Navy Wife, and military homecoming and family photographer, I know how difficult it is being away from loved ones during a deployment. I’ve had the unforgettable opportunity to capture countless military families and homecomings. Having photographs during months over seas can truly help lift spirits of your strong service member.

Capturing the raw emotions of a military homecoming is like none other. That first sight of your loved one who has been gone for countless months on end is priceless. Tears of joy, anxiousness, pure happiness are all emotions captures on that special day. These photographs can be passed on for generations.

Military Newborn Photographer

Over the past several years I’ve also photographed many military newborns. I absolutely LOVE spending time with my military babies, and their parents. Getting to know them, and hearing their story. Some of the most interesting client’s I’ve worked with have been military members and first responders. My absolute favorite shots to take as a military newborn photographer are the ones incorporating uniform pieces. Not only will my service members have this memory to hold onto for ever, so will their children. Having a photo of yourself as a newborn wrapped in dad or mom’s arms while in uniform is a priceless image. This is something that will be treasured and held onto for generations. Here is a great example of my military newborn sessions.

As a THANK YOU to our courageous military members and their families, please take 10% off your combined session and package fees. Weather it’s before a deployment, a special homecoming session, or just for fun! Thank you for all you’ve sacrificed. Here is where you can find my current pricing information.