Six Month Milestone

Six Month Milestone

This little cutie came in for her six month milestone session just before Christmas. Her big sister came with as well, and just like the last time I photographed her was super happy and knew just what to do!

When Mom scheduled Scarlett’s six month milestone she told me how smiley and happy she always is! When kiddos come into the studio, it can sometimes be over whelming for them. They at times don’t smile as much as they would at home. Unfortunately that was the case the first time around for Scarlett’s session. Sophia her big sister on the other hand, had lots of smiles for me so I did a few quick solo shots of her as well!

Since Scarlett was a little worrisome during her session I had her and Mom come back to take a few more shots. We were hoping for some smiles from her! Although she was still a tough cookie through the second round of shots, we added some cute colorful backdrops and props to her pics. I love even her serious faces, and that bed shot with the floral backdrop is one of my favorites! I love six month sessions and how they play with their toes. It’s such a fun time to photograph your little one!

six month milestone a young girl is in a milwaukee photo studio having her pics taken. she is wearing a denim dress with white leggings and brown boots. She has long dark blonde hair and is smiling at the camera. she's sitting on a white wood floor in front of a white wood backdrop and it has a teal and pink fabric banner hanging.six month milestone a baby girl is smiling while having her pics taken in a Milwaukee photographers studio located in greendale Wisconsin. The girl is naked and sitting on a white fluffy blanket in front of a white wood backdrop and pink banner. She has a girlie headband on.six month milestone a baby girl is laying on her back onto of a white blanket playing with her toes. She is in a milwaukee photo studio located in greendale Wisconsin. The baby girl is smiling and has a big flower headband on.six month milestone a baby girl with a big headband on is in a greendale photography studio in milwaukee county the shot is from above and she is looking up with her big brown eyes and a very serious facesix month session a sweet baby who is six months old is being photographed in milwaukee studio she's on a white four post bed on top of pink fluff and fabric. she's playing with her toes on her back, and the backdrop is blue with white and pink florwers.six month milestone a baby girl is in a milwaukee photography studio she is wearing a brown fur vest and a peach skirt she's laying on her bellow on a white wood floor and in front of a peach colored backdrop the girl has her hands on top of each other






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