Sweet Baby Boy

Sweet Baby Boy

Eekkk, I finally got to meet this sweet baby boy! I photographed this little guy’s parents during his Mom’s maternity session. It’s SO fun to meet my little newborns after working with their parents during their maternity session.

This little guy was such a great baby. Of course he had spurts of being awake, and falling asleep again. Overall he did a great job. I even got a sweet little smile out of him! His parents were so much fun to work with during their maternity session I was glad to work with them again! They drove quite a ways from Illinois, about an hour to be exact. I’m always so flattered hearing the distance my clients will come to have me photograph their little ones!

sweet baby boy. A newborn boy in a milwaukee photographer studio is wrapped in a blue swaddle. He's laying in a white wood tub filled with cream fur and a blue fabric blanket. He has on a hat with a brown button and he is smiling in his sleep.sweet baby boy a baby boy with lots of dark brown hair is swaddled in a cream color wrap with a tie in the middle. He's laying in a white wire bucket with teal fur under him. He's sleeping in a Milwaukee photo studio.sweet baby boy a newborn little boy in a greendale Wisconsin photographers studio he is wrapped in a cream colored swaddle fabric. He's laying on his back in a white metal basket with teal fur underneath him. He has lots of very dark hair.sweet baby boy a newborn boy with lots of dark brown hair has a teal colored sleepy cap on. He's wrapped in a white swaddle fabric and is laying on his back sleeping in a metal bucket with fur. The lighting is coming from behind him and is very bright. The shot is a profile image of his face.sweet baby boy a baby boy in a milwaukee photography studio. The baby boy has lots of dark hair and is proped upright in a blue metal bucket with teal blanket the babies chin is resting on his arms. There is a white wood wall behind him with a blue fabric banner.sweet baby boy a newborn baby boy in a milwaukee photographers studio he is wrapped in a brown swaddle fabric and is laying on his back on a cream color fabric. He has a cream color bonnet on, and is head is resting on a cream colored pillow.

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