Family Photos

Family Photos

First lets start by saying this family is awwweeesoommmee! I’m a little partial since this is my brother, sister in law, and niece who just turned two! Knowing this, of  course I was super happy to do their family photos. I was even MORE excited to do them in this park within Milwaukee county. I love the big open fields with the warm sunshine, and of course that BEACH with a pastel sky at dusk!

For the most part we were doing shots of my niece for her second birthday! She is so spunky and fun, and really loves to be out in nature. Everywhere we went she was picking up rocks, and kissing flowers! It was pretty hilarious. She was so cooperative even when she was standing in the tall grass, which is pretty amazing for a two year old! The wind was blowing strong off the lake this evening. Despite the fact that the poor girl was freezing cold, she did fantastic!

Since there is another little baby on the way for my brother and sister in law, we snuck in some family and maternity shots as well. My niece would point at her mommas belly, but it was a little short lived so I had to be quick with the shots! I can’t wait to meet the new baby!

family photos girl standing in park with teal dress on and blonde hair looking up in the skyfamily photos toddler girl standing in green field with teal dress on and white sweater with sun shining through her hairfamily photos toddler girl and mother in field mother is pregnant and looking down and daughter who is pointing and her tummy family photos mother holding daughter standing in field of tall grass with sun setting behind themfamily photos toddler girl sitting on chair in a field of tall grass with sunlight shining from behind herfamily photos dad holding daughter in front of lake with pastel colored sunsetfamily photos husband and wife with toddler daughter all holding hands standing on beach with pastel colored sky during duskfamily photos husband wife and toddler daughter standing on a beach holding hands close up of toddler with mother holding pregnant belly

Family Photos

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