Greendale Village Studio

Greendale Village Studio

I’m SOOOOOO excited to make a BIG announcement. After many years in business I am stepping out of my comfort zone and into an amazing Greendale Village Studio!

Most of my newborn and milestone clients know, I’ve been working out of my home studio for quite some time. It worked great for a while, and it was so nice having all of my things right in my home. When I needed to take milestone photos of my kids, it was great being able to run into my studio and snap a few shots. Well, as my kiddos have gotten bigger so have the challenges of having my house ready when my clients were coming over! Most parents know how hard it can be to keep toys and things organized. Of course growing my business, and being able to give my clients an amazing experience is always on my mind! I started looking for a space to move my studio to.

I looked, and looked, and looked. Drove around aimlessly, peeked into storefronts, and searched online for what seemed like an endless amount of time. I can’t say I was being overly picky about WHERE I wanted to move my studio to, but… I was. Just like buying and selling a home, location is EVERYTHING. I had this cute little village area stuck in my head. Finally, I got my chance and ran with it!

Put Myself Way Out There

For those who live in Milwaukee County and the suburbs, you most likely have heard of the Historic Downtown Greendale Village. A quaint little area lined with brick buildings, adorable small shops, and some very well known..and VERY yummy restaurants.

Last year I noticed a space that was vacant, and started talking with the property manager. The cute shops in the Greendale Village sometimes move around within the spaces while they grow and change, so needless to say the space I looked at last year just didn’t pan out. I looked, and looked again. At this point, I even more so had my eyes set on this great area that is booming with small business, and LOTS of fun events for families.

After seeing a social media post about another space within the Greendale Village that may be opening up, I decided to give it one more shot. I contacted the property manager again, who is always so sweet and helpful. To make a long story short, she told me about this cozy space located between an amazing Italian restaurant Ricardo’s and a well known wellness business named Origins. I went and checked the space out as fast as I could, and decided it couldn’t be better! Right on the main strip of Broad Street, and next to two well known businesses in the area.

After lots of painting, and hard work I’m SO excited to announce my new cozy Greendale Village studio located at 5629 Broad St. Greendale! Just 20 minutes from Downtown Milwaukee, and Waukesha. Only 35 minutes from Kenosha. My studio is equipped with lots of amazing props and backdrops for milestone, and newborn sessions. A cute little lounge area for parents and siblings including a snack and coffee bar. Since it’s located among so many other great coffee shops, bakeries, and gift shops you may even want to stay and hang out after your session!

I’m so glad I decided to put myself way out there. I won’t lie, seeing my name SO huge on the side of a building is really something. I can’t wait to see past clients, and lots of new faces in the years to come in my cozy new space.

greendale village studio a photographers store front in the historic downtown greendale village the store front has six large silk banners in the front windows and a vinyl logo on the door a large sign of kellie roman photograph is above the doorway the building is all red brickgreendale village studio a close up image of a photographers store front located in the historic downtown greendale village the image is of the photographers logo and websitegreendale village studio a teal desk with metal camera business cards and a light box onto of the desk there is a large teal photo frame above it with Childs photo in it studio is in milwaukee county Wisconsingreendale village studio photography studio space in the historic downtown greendale village in milwaukee county Wisconsin image shows the main studio area with backdrops on the wall a newborn posing area a parent lounge with a tv and couch colors are all pastel with white wallsGreendale Village Studio Image of different colored newborn headbands inside of Greendale Milwaukee photographer studiogreendale village studio a photographer studio space located in the historic downtown greendale village in milwaukee county the image is a parent lounge with ivory seating area and pastel and gold pillows on top a pink large frame on the wall with a newborn baby photo inside a coffee and snack table is off to the sidegreendale village studio a photographers studio in the historic downtown greendale village in milwaukee county a shot of several white storage units filled with lots of colorful fabric and striped baskets there is a TV that sits in between the units onto of a set of white drawers props are onto including a yellow moon and floral bedgreendale village studio a cozy studio space in historic downtown greendale village in milwaukee county Wisconsin wood floors, with white walls pastels colors every where in details including pillows and photo frames and props storage units with tv shown as well as ivory couchgreendale village studio a shot of several large rolled up colorful backdrops in photographers studio located in historic downtown greendale village in milwaukee Wisconsingreendale village studio a photographer studio in historic downtown greendale village in milwaukee county Wisconsin image is three white drawers just barely opened with colorful textured fabrics inside they are all colored coated

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