Milwaukee Children’s Photographer

Milwaukee Children’s Photographer

OH. MY. GOSH. As a Milwaukee children’s photographer I just can’t even handle this cuteness. I don’t even think you can “just” call it cute. It’s hands down the most adorable session I’ve done to date.

Sweet Seraphina. Her name fits her just perfectly doesn’t it? Being two years old, she was just as most other kids her age were. A little uneasy about taking photos, just wanted to cling to Mom and run around. UNTIL… the little kitty was brought out!

Seraphina’s Aunt had come along to her session, and she happens to foster kittens and just got this little fur ball! The kitty was out of site, and wasn’t exactly the first and foremost part of the session. It was more of a backup plan just incase things weren’t going well.

We decided to bring out Mr. (Or Mrs.?) kitty and Seraphina stopped in her tracks. She held and snuggled this sweet little thing, and was so serious about it the whole time. Mom wanted some magical sunset lighting, and oh boy did we get that too! I just can’t get over the beautiful sunset glow, the sweet kitten, and Seraphina’s big blue eyes!

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