Newborn Photography

Newborn Photography

Newborn photography, and newborn sessions are hands down some of my favorite! I always love when parents watch during the posing process and say “Oh my gosh, you have so much patience,” while I’m refining every detail of their sleepy baby.

If possible, I ask my clients to book before their due date. This way we can discuss the perfect color scheme and any personalized shots they want to incorporate in the photos. Newborn photographers have a small window of time that newborn photography and newborn sessions are at their best. Generally it’s before the baby is 12 days old. Of course it doesn’t always work this way! Many times babies arrive early, parents get busy preparing for their little one and forget to book their session, or end up needing to stay in the NICU for a while.

When mom contacted me about her son’s newborn session she let me know he was already over 2 weeks old. This is a perfect example of why the general 12 day rule can definitely be broken!!  Little {E} was either sleeping during his session, or even when he was wide awake he was as calm as a cucumber. At the time of his session he was actually closer to the 3 week mark, but you really wouldn’t be able to tell by how sleepy and calm he was.

It was so great getting to know {E’s} Mom and Dad! They grew up out of state, and talking with them was a ton of fun!

For more on what to expect during your upcoming newborn session check this out!

newborn photography mom holding newborn boy swaddled in blue wrap and kissing his cheek dark grey backdropnewborn photography newborn boy wrapped in grey swaddle laying on side with his hands by his face onto of a dark green blanketnewborn photography newborn boy laying on tummy with his chin onto of his arms onto of a blue blanket with a grey wrap over himnewborn photography baby boy sleeping with chin posed on top of arms he he laying on his belly onto of a blue blanket with a striped hat on and a grey wrap over his diapernewborn photography baby boy posed on back sleeping onto of yellow blanket wearing orange and yellow rompernewborn photography baby boy wrapped up in swaddle with toes and hands sticking out sleeping on his back in a white bucket wearing striped hat that matches the chevron back ground

Newborn Photography

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